Arcady Ridge Ranch

Catering in Dubois, Wyoming


Enjoy restaurant quality cuisine and service with
a group of up to 10 friends from the privacy and
atmosphere of your own home.


Catering breakfast, lunch & dinners
served plated or buffet style for groups.
Custom cakes for special events.


Keeping hungry crews happy since 2006:
We create custom menus & provide
catering and craft services.

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A letter from our chef: Traci McClintic

I am often asked to define my culinary style.  Simply put, I don’t have JUST one.  I love making good food for my friends, family, our community, clients, hungry people…

After working in some faction of the food service industry for over 15 years, including having opened my own restaurant in 2006 at the age of 24, I eventually realized I needed to learn more in order to achieve more.  In 2015, I was given the opportunity to further my culinary education through the Karen Clark Memorial Scholarship.  By the end of 2016, I had earned Mention Bien in Pastry and Cuisine, and received medals, along with my Grande Diplome, from Le Cordon Bleu schools in Canada, New Zealand, and England.

Throughout all of my culinary education, the best compliment I received on style was from Chef David Duverger in London. Imagine, in a french accent: “Your style, it iz, ah, somewhat rustic, but (pause to ponder) oui, it works.”

So, it turns out my style is perfect for this place we have here.

Fresh, Local, Colorful, Flavor-filled, Variety
Kindness in the people I work with & those I choose to work for.

To set the scene.

***The meal is set out on a canvas cloth, with cast iron, handmade wooden spoons from walnut trees back in West Virginia, big solid cutting boards filled to the brim with cheeses, meats and sauces.  Dutch ovens steaming.  Maybe there’s a chuck wagon in the sagebrush and goldenrod, a small wood fire, and lamb roasting on the grill… a few horses grazing in the pasture overlooking the Ramshorn.

***Or maybe I set out the canvas cloth, but this time with crystal wine glasses, candelabras, silver trays of charcuterie, some mismatched limoges plates in a variety of floral patterns waiting to be filled with roasted duck, black cherry port wine gastrique, pommes anna, golden beats & green beans almondine.  Homemade chocolate and rose petal ice cream for dessert with a bit of walnut brittle.  Same horses grazing in the background. Same magnificent view.

***Or maybe… Let’s figure out what best suits you.

There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful to Karen Clark–her patronage, foresight, generosity, and all that she has done for working women like myself in our Wyoming catering community.  I am also grateful for the chefs who took the time to break my bad habits, and to my fellow culinary students who were/are such great teammates, teachers, and lifelong friends.  The next chapter of my culinary and catering career is here at Arcady Ridge Ranch, and I can’t wait to see what adventures it brings.

Traci McClintic
Managing Partner/Executive Chef



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