Arcady Ridge Ranch

Meet Our Staff

Arcady Ridge Ranch Staff

Becki Niedens

Yoga & Kettle Bell Instructor
Hospitality & Guest Services

Favorite Outdoor Activity
Everything Outdoors… Everything! And BIKES!

Erica Burnette

Office Manager
Ranch Hand/Camp Cook

Erica grew up on a dude ranch in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania where she learned to ride horses, participate in archery and range rifle competitions, and guide guests in adventure based tourism activities.  She fell in love with the West her first year studying at Northern Arizona University, and earned her Bachelors in Biology at Portland State University.  After college, she returned home to manage her family ranch until its sale in 2010.  She had a ten year career as a teacher in early childhood education.   After her children were born, she and her family came back out west to explore the country and landed here, in the Wind River Valley. She has worked at the ranch since the spring of 2022 and her teaching skills shine when giving riding instruction and assisting with workshops.  She loves working with her hands, cultivating the greenhouse, and being in on the action-whatever it may be.  She knows all the horses by name and has tamed a small covey of Dusty Grouse to follow her around the forest trails.

Favorite Outdoor Activity
Hiking & Back Country Skiing

Erin Dorghty

Lead Horse Petter & Ranch Beautification
Hospitality & Guest Services


Favorite Outdoor Activity
Hiking with Maybel

Judy Beebe

Lodge Manager
Hospitality & Guest Services

Judy has lived in Dubois for over 50 years.  She is a genuine original and we are so lucky that she has taken on the work of caring for the lodge AND our family.  In fact, she takes care of each and every one of us working up here at Arcady Ridge Ranch and rolls up her sleeves to lend a hand whenever needed.  She worked for the local ambulance crew for a number of years, and her awareness and abilities in this area are valuable skills to have around.  She has an incredible eye for detail and looks straight on at the things that many of us often look past.  She shines her love light wherever she goes and pays attention to the whole show, including which of us she thinks needs a cup of tea or coffee for an afternoon pick me up. Her three year plan for the business is in depth and we have trouble keeping up with her ambition.  Baby steps Judy, baby steps!

Favorite Outdoor Activity
Anytime with family…

Traci McClintic

Executive Chef
Managing Partner

Traci grew up in the mountains of West Virginia, where she spent hours roaming the creekbanks, game trails, and hardwood forests on the family farm.  She was drawn to the “wild” west, as it appealed to her nature.  She is inspired, in part, by the strong personalities, work ethic, and creative abilities of her the Wyoming women she met when she first moved to Dubois over 20 years ago to live in a snow dusted wall tent on the edge of the Shoshone.  She loves the outdoors and coordinating opportunities for others to explore and share in the adventure of this area.  Cooking/event coordinating have always been a strong suit that lends well to her interest in functional art.  She is constantly creating, whether in the kitchen or in concepts that improve operations for Arcady Ridge and Said Creek Outfitters.

Favorite Outdoor Activity
Horseback Riding, gardening, taking the kids to the creek

Said Creek Outfitters Staff

Bernie Van Overbeke

Lead Wrangler
Hunting & Fishing Guide

Bernie has been with us since the start of this endeavor.  He is an excellent guide, horse whisperer, and small child wrangler, although he probably didn’t realize that last piece was going to be hidden in the job description!  He has 38+ years of experience working with horses on ranches in Wyoming, along with guiding trail rides, back country hunting, and fishing trips for a number of outfitters in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  He is a recipient of the Wyoming Association of Outfitter and Guides: Guide of the Year Award, along with various awards from the Wyoming Taxidermist Association for his work as a wildlife artist/taxidermist.  Bernie is the quiet type, but is more than willing to share his knowledge of this area with others.  He keeps a calm demeanor about him, along with a never ending supply of mini candy bars in his vest pocket.  He maintains his cool in extreme situations, unless the camp cook is trying to sneak vegetables into his sandwich… then there might be trouble.

Favorite Outdoor Activity
Duck Hunting & Fishing

Jess Hargrave

Hunting Guide
Camp Jack/Wrangler

Jess is Joe’s brother, and the two have been making mischief together for as long as they can both remember.  Jess shares the same love for horses and the outdoors, but his career as a professional wrestler for the Marines/Army took him in a different direction for a while.  Between tours, he came home to work as a seasonal hunting/back country guide here in Wyoming, and has guided backcountry hunting and fishing trips in the Bridger Teton and Shoshone National Forest.  He spent a number of years in Alaska, and currently works in Yellowstone, where he has a “pet” bison named StarLink who likes to hang out in his backyard and hook a horn on the wifi cable while grazing.  Despite his busy schedule, Jess still takes time off to chase elk during the fall hunting season to keep his guiding/hunting skills sharp.

Favorite Outdoor Activity
Hiking & Riding Family

Wyoming Hunting

Joe Hargrave

Outfitter #BG244
Managing Partner

Joe has been a back country guide since he was born-it just took a while for him to grow into it.  He specializes in big game hunting, along with guiding pack trips and fishing excursions in the backcountry.  He was raised on his family horse farm, and can often be found training and working horses here in the off season.  He is known for his calm and quiet demeanor, except when full on intensity is necessary to get the job done.  He has a number of awards from the Wyoming Association of Taxidermists, including the Governor’s Award for Best of Show and People’s Choice Awards. He works hard, and plays hard, which is how he earned the nicknname, “Smilin’ Joe.”

Favorite Outdoor Activity
Everything on horseback, and hunting, fishing, hunting, fishing….