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Joe & Traci

Outfitter Joe W. Hargrave and wife, Traci McClintic,  are the owner-operators of their two businesses, Arcady Ridge Ranch and Said Creek Outfitters & Outfitting Adventures. Together, this husband and wife team are dedicated to the lifestyle of the mountain west and to sharing the western experience, and the beauty of its wild lands and wild life, with their guests.

Along with their team of wranglers, Arcady Ridge Ranch staff, and two child helpers, Buff and Aena, they create a truly “rustic paradise,” where guests can feel free to simply relax on the porch and watch the horses graze as the sun goes down, or enjoy a lunch break at canyon edge, hundreds of feet above Warm Springs Canyon.

 Traci is a former restaurant owner, and graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, where she attended schools in Canada, New Zealand, and England, to earn her Grande Dimplome in Pastry & Cuisine. She caters for magazine shoots, film crews, local businesses, and a number of happy brides at Arcady Ridge Ranch. She knows a thing or two about hospitality and coordinating events in remote settings.

Joe grew up on his family’s horse farm in Iowa, learning from generations of talented horsemen and women. Childhood vacations to South Dakota, Wyoming, and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem turned his sights West, to mountains that felt like home. He attended Rocky Mountain Guide school in Dillon, Montana and then headed into the hills to work for an outfit in the Bridger Tetons.

With nearly 20 years of experience guiding back country horseback rides and hunting/fishing clients in the Rocky Mountains, as well as personal hunting experience here in the USA and the Southern Alps of New Zealand, Joe brings a level of professionalism and deep knowledge of the mountains and big game to every outdoor experience.  In 2015 he started his own outfitting business in Jackson, Wyoming, Jackson Wyoming Hunts. In 2019 he expanded his territory with the purchase of Warren Flemming’s Outfitting business,  the combination of the two now known as Said Creek Outfitters & Outfitting Adventures.

Arcady Ridge Ranch

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The partnership of Arcady Ridge Ranch and Said Creek Outfitters & Outfitting Adventures

Arcady Ridge Ranch

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People think it’s so romantic when I say Joe and I met at the library. I thought so, too, until I discovered he was just looking up the latest harvest numbers posted online by Wyoming Game and Fish.