Said Creek Outfitters


Said Creek Outfitters and Outfitting Adventures is a small, family run business, owned and operated by Outfitter Joe W. Hargrave, a serious hunter with almost twenty years of guiding experience in Western Wyoming. In 2015, Joe started his own outfit, Jackson Wyoming Hunts, helping clients harvest a number of respectable bulls with high success.

In 2019, the outfit expanded to include a broader hunt area in addition to those held on public and private lands in and around Jackson Hole. This expansion meant rebranding and re naming the business.  We deliberated for days before landing on Said Creek, which carries with it a bit of Joe’s classic sense of humor.

Joe has never been one to give away his best hunting spots, and time and again, when friends and family would ask “Where do we go to harvest a big one?” Joe would respond, “Said Creek.”

Perspective clients may spend hours pouring over a map, looking for Said Creek. The closest you will come is referenced in the Game and Fish Rules and Regulations, Elk Area 67, 68, and 69, which encompasses some of the best hunting ground in Wyoming, our new territory. Look it up!

Hunting Packages & Pricing 2022


  • Wind River Mountain Range
  • Absaroka Mountain Range
  • Wind River Valley & Surrounding Area
  • Jackson Hole Area 78 State & Private


Groups of 2 or more hunters will receive a 10% discount on the entire package price. The minimum group size for all of our hunting packages is 1. The maximum group size is 4. The guide to client ratio is 1 client:1 guide or 2 client: 1 guide.

7 Day / 6 Night


7 Day / 6 Night


5 Day / 4 Night


7 Day / 6 Night


5 Day / 4 Night


7 Day / 6 Night


8 Day / 7 Night


9 Day / 8 Night
See below for Scouting Package Option


Contact us at (307) 231-2574 or request a reservation online.

We recognize that the majority of clients who draw a sheep tag have waited years, if not a lifetime to obtain this license. In order to secure the best chances of success for our sheep hunters, we offer a scout and hunt package. In total, its a fourteen day commitment, one that can either be scheduled in one long stint, or two separate trips. The scouting portion of the package is a 5 day/4 night summer pack trip into the high mountain region with your guide.

The hunt itself is 9 days/8 nights in a spike camp. The total cost for this package is $16,000.

We do not mix hunting groups when it comes to a sheep hunt. A once in a lifetime tag deserves the full effort/commitment of your guide. Some clients have asked if a family member or friend can come along for the experience. The answer is.. maybe. The terrain is tough, rugged, high. Its a challenge and an incredible accomplishment. Clients who have the best experience on a sheep hunt know what they are getting into and put in the work throughout the year to prepare. They practice their riflery skills, hit the gym, walk miles, and generally prepare themselves for success. Anyone tagging along should be expected to put in the same effort for the best experience and the highest chance of success. If a client is sure they have a good candidate to play side kick/photographer/videographer, we can discuss pricing for a non hunting participant.

  • Upon Arrival

    Upon arrival, licenses will be checked in and signed. All paperwork will be completed at this point. Gear and equipment will also be checked over at this time. Hunter/guide safety topics will be discussed, as well as bear awareness/safety, horse safety, and hunting rules/regulations. Clients will be given an opportunity to site in firearms and bows. If riding, hunters will be introduced to their mounts and fitted with saddles.

  • 5:30 am

    Wakeup and sit down to a hearty breakfast and discuss the day’s hunt with your guide.

  • 6:00 am

    Pack lunches. Prepare gear and mounts to leave base camp at first light. Be prepared to spend the entire day in the field, as weather and animal movements will dictate the schedule. The hunt will begin and end with legal shooting light.

  • 6:30 pm

    Upon return to base camp in the evening, another hearty homemade meal awaits. Exact dinner time depends on the day’s progress.

** When an animal is harvested, it will be recovered immediately and transported back to base camp. The animal will be caped out and tagged, the client will then decide if he or she would like the animal transported for processing. The client is responsible for communicating with the local butcher and paying all costs associated with processing, shipping, etc.

  • Season

    Fall, Winter, Spring depending on the species, area and Wyoming Game and Fish Rules and Regulations. Please do not arrive without a reservation. Walks ins are not accepted.

Rates, Taxes & Fees

Packages are built to include guide fees (non taxable in the state of Wyoming),12.5% lodging tax and 5.5% meal tax; $2 booking fee per person. Meal rates for hunting clients are billed at $50 per day and lodging rates at $75 per night.

Booking Deposit & Final Payment

A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking and final payment is due no less than 45 days prior to the scheduled start date of the hunt. Clients should plant to arrive by 4 pm on the first day of the hunt and depart by 10 am on the final day.


Gratuity should be paid directly to one’s guide at the end of the trip. While tipping is not mandatory, it is customary and at the client’s discretion. A standard tip runs anywhere from 10% of the package price to 20%, or whatever the client feels to be a fair amount.

Muzzle Loader Hunt

Fellow sportsmen-simply put, Joe is the reason my coolers arrived home full of prime elk meat and not just wonderful Wyoming air. Protein which was generously shared with friends and neighbors. A friendly reminder to smokepole users, hold your sight-picture AFTER the trigger squeeze. (Joe came to my rescue with a superfast re-load). Happy Hunting!

Maclin J.

Great first elk trip

Through a friend of a friend, my buddy and I got a recommendation for a hunting guide in Wyoming, so we called Joe, asked a lot of questions, and booked our first elk trip.  I say first because we would be going again if we had gotten drawn this year, definitely next year.  Joe gives a great first impression, that just gets better as his outdoorsman skills become evident.  We camped and when Traci brought chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, she set a new standard for first impressions.  The only hesitation I have in giving Joe and Traci an outstanding recommendation is that I am afraid they are going to book up solid years in advance.  I feel as if I have made lifelong friends from a brief visit and recently was thrilled to have my daughter who was hiking around Wyoming come away with the same impression.  Joe and Traci = highly recommended.

Peter A.

5 Stars

I would give Outfitter, Joe W. Hargrave, guiding service 5 STARS. I have hunted area 78 twice…I had good success both times with a large 6 X 6 both times. Joe did the hunt our way. At the age of 80 years old in 2018, I was not in good enough physical condition to do a lot of walking or horseback riding. My son was with me on my hunt in 2018 and he got a very large 6 X 6 also. I think unit 78 is the best place to hunt that I have ever hunted in. The only drawback is that you have to buy preference points about 9 years before you can get a license in that area. I have never hunted in the Dubois area so I can’t speak for that area but if Joe says it is a good area, you can bet that it is. If you are looking for a good, enjoyable hunt, Joe will take care of you…Good Hunting!

Carl T.

Highly Recommend

It is with great fortune that I was introduced to this wonderful American tradition of elk hunting through Joe Hargrave. Truly a gentleman with the huntsman skills and quality that, George Bird Grinnell,  Aldo Leopold, and Teddy Roosevelt, would readily recognize. Be it hunting or fishing in the wonderland of Wyoming for the first time or as a seasoned outdoorsman I highly recommend  Joe Hargrave and Said Creek Outfitters & Outfitting Adventures.

Gary H.

Fantastic guide and great people

I have had the pleasure of hunting with Joe on several occasions. He is knowledgeable and very good at what he does. He always seems to know where the elk are. In fact, I took my first elk with Joe – he put me right on them. He is a fantastic guide and a great guy to spend time within the hunting woods. Joe and Traci are great people and run a fantastic outfit. I hope to hunt with them every year.

Don D.